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We are a church that is devoted to helping people connect with God and others. We have a desire to reach every nation and every generation for Christ. It is a mighty task, and together with other like-minded churches and Christian groups, we can see it happen!  The world desperately needs the message that we know -- that Jesus Christ is our Savior -- and we are devoted to getting that message out. It is an adventure, and we would love for you to come join us in fulfilling that mission.


Because of what God has done for us, our dream, our vision, our hope is to glorify God by connecting people to Christ and building a network of church communities that mobilize young people and empowers them to mature and to be on mission for Christ in any stage of life.


We want to follow the principles of Acts 1:8 by being His witnesses here locally, by impacting our region and by also reaching out to other nations. We do this through our Home Group network to multiply church fellowships here and overseas.


We began a worship gathering at NCSU in 1994, and we have seen people grow in their faith and commitment to God ever since. As a result, we have also spun off churches in Charlotte and overseas that continue with the same vision that we started with. We want the world to know about Christ!

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