Outreach Tools

Discovery Groups: Confidence Builders

Stepping from Uncertainty to Confidence

Stepping from Feelings of Unworthiness to Forgiveness

Stepping from Being Unable to Empowered

Stepping from Being Undeveloped to Maturity

Stepping from Being Unprepared to Equipped

Discipleship Groups: Being and Making Disciples

Discovery Groups: Individual Initial Discipleship Lessons

Lesson 1: Realize Who You are in Christ

Lesson 2: Baptize

Lesson 3: Be Filled With the Spirit and Word

Lesson 4: Pray

Lesson 5: Love

Lesson 6: Celebrate the Lord's Supper

Lesson 7: Give

Lesson 8: Make Disciples

Lesson 9: Persevere

Reproducible Discipleship Booklet

Stories of Hope

Bridge Diagram

Vision Casting Stories

Initial Discipleship Lessons

Three Thirds Guide 2016

Four Fields of Discipleship

The following are effective tools we have used to help teach people how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ who makes disciples for Jesus Christ.

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