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Welcome to Grace!

We are so excited to have you come visit and see what Grace is doing at NCSU and in the greater RDU community.  Whether you are a student, single or family, you will find committed people who are serious about following God and living out the truth found in the Bible. 

At the heart of Grace is a network of Small Groups. In reality, these are small churches that are part of our big church. We call them Area Churches and Discovery Churches. They are designed to help us not only understand the Bible, but also learn from one another and support one another to become more like Jesus. More information can be found by clicking this link: Small Group Information


At Grace we also believe in the importance of prayer and encourage people to submit any prayer requests that they may have. Our staff meets regularly to pray over all requests.

Prayer Request Form

If you have already visited Grace we have a short Bible study on discovering God's will for your life. We'd love to hear what you learn through it and help you pursue God's will.

Discover God's Will!

If you would like to follow us on social media you can click on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter icons on the top of this page. To get on our email list, please select the subscribe button at the bottom of this page.

Finally,  please let us know if you have any questions. You have probably heard and read a lot by now, so please let us know if you would like clarification on anything or simply have a thought or suggestion. The contact form can be found on this page here.

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