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STAFF // Ross Thomas

Susan and I each connected with Grace while in college. That decision changed the course of our lives in a great way! We witnessed the Lord do powerful things in our own lives and in lives around us.


I joined the staff team in 2003 to focus on reaching teens in the Raleigh area. The Lord brought Susan and I together in 2009 and grew a passion in us to see new generations of believers experience Jesus in all stages of life. We now live in Cary where we are raising six children.

- Ross Thomas


Ministry Support Team

Ross & Susan are missionaries, making and training disciples both on campus and in the community. Their sending agency is Reliant Mission. If you would like information about joining Ross & Susan as ministry partners, you can use the links below or email Ross directly.

Special Highlights

In previous ministry updates, we mentioned some videos about how God is using Grace church and your partnership with Susan and me to make a difference in people's lives. Check out the videos here.

Geoffrey Sharing with an Uber Driver
Geoffrey is part of our house church group. Listen how he shared Jesus with a taxi driver.
LiNC 2021 Report
Our summer mission project was like living in the book of Acts! God saved people on a daily basis. Our team from churches across the southeast and as far away as Colorado spent a month kick starting a new church plant for Grace Church's team which arrived at Old Dominion University in January of this year.

New Congregations & Church Planting Locations

This year, Grace started a new congregation in North Raleigh, sent a team to Norfolk, VA & Old Dominion University, and sent a church planting missionary to Kenya. Here are videos highlighting a few of those.

Grace North Congregation
God has developed a unique spirit and sweet fellowship in this group.
Old Dominion Church Planting Team
The first members of this team are moving to Norfolk, VA in December and January. God has already given them fruitful work during preliminary trips. Susan and I plan to be there for a month in 2021 helping our college LiNC project and the church plant team.

A Peek Under the Hood

If you're curious how we go about sharing the Gospel and following up with new believers, here's a peak at some of the simple tools we use. If you're interested to learn these things yourself or share them with your small group, shoot us an email and we'd love the opportunity to train you!

The 3 Circles
This is the most frequent way we share the Gospel.
The 4-1-1
After someone decides to become a follower of Jesus, this is usually a quick next step in helping them understand their identity and purpose in life.
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