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GO Therefore...

Disciple-Making Tools
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Ladies Valentine Luncheon
February 12th | 11am - 1:30pm
Duke Energy Room in Hunt Library

Where Do You Fit In?

Let's enjoy some sweet food and fellowship while we let God's Word encourage us about how much He loves us and how He's designed us to fit in.

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Emerging Servant's Summit
January 21 - 22

Jesus promoted a different style of leadership - servant leadership. That is why we have our Emerging Servants Summit.

Get a clear vision of what it means to walk with Jesus and make disciples until all have heard about Jesus. Learn from some of our own who have been successfully discipling people with the Gospel, training them and multiplying disciples!

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Summer LiNC Project
This Summer!

Start planning now to make your summer count! Spend a month helping our church plant team at Old Dominion University. Last year, our team saw the Lord save people on a daily basis!

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Applications Due Sunday!
Applications Due: 12/5
Trip: March 12 - 19

This spring break we're sending a mission team to Cologne, Germany to help the church plant team there connect with people who are open to the Gospel.

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Stay in the Know
Sign Up Now!

Want to stay more in the loop? Always know what's happneing with our text news feed. Texts allow us to send news, reminders and even last minute updates directly to you on the go.

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U.S. Mission Trips
Spring Break 2022

Tell us now to help us plan for Spring! Letting us know now that you're interested will allow us to decide which locations to offer for the the Spring! There's no obligation. Typically, we visit places like Old Dominion University, Clemson, UNC-Greensboro, UNC-Charlotte, etc. to share the Gospel and encourage other believers at our church plants or sister churches.

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Turn Your Clocks Back!
This Sunday Morning!

You get an extra hour this Sunday! How will you use it? Remember to turn you clock back. And, instead of staying up super late Saturday night, why not invite some friends to breakfast and bring them to church to kickoff GOvember!